Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm a bad blogger.

I never write. I'm sorry, you guys. I'm caught up in my world that I find it difficult to write about it!

Anyway, things are going ok over here. The project is picking up a bit, thank GOD. We're already 6 months overdue. And, after a 3 month stagnation after Christmas, I'm finally ready to get back on track and finish my weight loss. I'm only about 2 lbs over goal right now - but I think I might lower it by 5 more from my original goal. I'm just not satisfied with what I see yet (though that may be the natural state of being for a woman in her twenties...).

I have kind of a crazy weekend coming up - a sorority sister is popping through Paris and will be here just Saturday and Sunday. She wants to go out to dinner and do all the fun stuff, so I think this weekend will be tough food-wise. But c'est la vie - so I've been working especially hard to keep on plan throughout the week and so far so good!

AND, on a related note, next week I get to go to this AMAZING restaurant here in Paris, somewhere I would NEVER go by myself. I'm taking my clients to Les Bouquinistes, one of Guy Savoy's baby bistros. O.M.G. The menu looks divine. It took me 3 hours to choose the restaurant I wanted to take my project team to, and this is supposedly one of the 100 best restaurants in Paris. And it's going on my company Am Ex, so I don't have to pay for it! I get to eat there, but don't have to pay for it. So excited! I already have what I'm going to eat all planned out. Most importantly, I have chosen my dessert (and I've been imagining it for two weeks now): creme brulee with clementine confit. I think it might be a life changing experience.

So, with that, I shall leave you. I promise to write after the restaurant - and when I hit 125, I will take progress pictures again!

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  1. Sounds like you have an awesome weekend planned!! :) Looking forward to pictures of your delicious meal!