Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Early Check In, Week 16

Starting Weight, 2 April 2009: 70.8 kg (~156.1 lbs)
Current Weight, 30 July 2009: 62.9 kg (138.7 lbs)

Total: -7.9 kg, -17.4 lbs

Well, I slipped into the 130s today - and I am thrilled. I am 13.7 lbs away from my goal weight (aroung 6-6.5 kg)!

I fly back to the US today for a week, and then I go on vacation for a week - so I have a suspicion that my sejour in the 130s will not be long lived, but we shall see!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Do you ever just have those days when you're blue and you just can't articulate why?

I wish it would rain today.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

To Food Blog, or Not to Food Blog?

I've been toying with the idea of starting a food blog recently; separately from here, that is. This blog is kind of a mess, really. It's my weight loss and myself and everything I feel like writing about. But I would like to do a more focused, healthy recipe food blog. I think there is a serious dearth of them - I had a very difficult time finding any this week. I know, I know - healthy recipes? Yuck. Blech. Ew. Gross.


Healthy cooking can be fabulous - if done right. Butter always makes everything taste better - but sometimes, you have to choose between great taste and fitting into your clothes. So why not meet somewhere in the middle.

Ok, I've decided. I'm going to do it. More information to come later!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Update - Week 15

Starting Weight, 2 April 2009: 70.8 kg (~156.1 lbs)
Current Weight, 9 July 2009: 63.5 kg (140.0 lbs)

Total: -7.3 kg, -16.1 lbs

Progress is slow these days. I think it's the heat + salt + humidity.

Some new pic candy:

(Oddly enough, note that BOTH pictures involve food!)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Update - week 13?

Hi everyone - not sure what the week is anymore! It's been a while; things have been absolutely insane around here!

Starting Weight, 2 April 2009: 70.8 kg (~156.1 lbs)
Current Weight, 9 July 2009: 64.0 kg (141.1 lbs)
Total: -6.8 kg, -15.0 lbs

Well, I'm about half way to my goal weight from where I started in April - and have passed the 40 lb mark from where I started in 2007. It's been a long road but I feel like the end is finally in sight.

My clothes are starting to fit strangely again; none of my suits fit anymore and even my camisoles, generally skin-tight, are baggy. I think it's not even so much the weight LOSS that's doing it; I think my runs are building up my muscle again and so it's a distribution of weight. I suspect I've lost more fat than shows by the weight but gained some muscle to balance it out.

Work is really busy these days; we've entered testing cycles for my software and I feel like I am getting bombarded with requests/complaints every two seconds - from both sides of the Atlantic. I'm cranky and short-tempered lately; pretty much lost the will to do anything outside of work, keep the apartment clean, and cook/eat.

I'll try to do a real post this weekend. Ta!