Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weekend of The Food

I had a sorority sister come in to town this weekend - she was on a business trip in Mali and took a two day stopover in Paris just for kicks. We had SO much fun - we got together with another sorority sister from a different chapter who also lives in Paris and quite literally ate our way through Paris, starting with lunch on Saturday.

Basically, the weekend went like this:

Meet Andrea for lunch at cute French bistro. Eat, drink, make merry with Andrea at cute French bistro.

Go shopping for clothes to wear out with Andrea; meet Kerry at H&M.

Continue back to my apartment, where we subsequently consume an entire baguette, a wedge of brie, and a sizeable chunk of Emmental - along with a bottle of champagne that Kerry gifted me for my 25th birthday. We were celebrating - among other things, we celebrated Andrea's safe departure from Mali (eurgh), the submission of my first business school application, my 700 on the GMAT, and Kerry's new job.

After the champagne, head out for a very late Italian dinner (3 courses, complete with a lovely banana pizza for dessert). Finish a bottle of lovely chianti at dinner.

Then, on to Place de Clichy for going out. We ended up at my old favorite - The Harp, kind of a grotty little Irish pub with a laid back vibe.

On the way home, get harassed by greasy Frenchmen who would totally fit in with the cast of Westside Story (leather bomber jackets, slicked back hair, and an overly macho attitude).

Then, repeat:


Meet Andrea for lunch at Higuma, a gorgeous little Japanese noodle shop near the Louvre. So good. We had gyoza and "lamen" - we were unsure whether they meant to say lamen or ramen, but we got a good bowl of noodles either way.

Directly after Higuma, on to St-Michel for a crepe sucre (I had a crepe with raspberries, nougat flavored ice cream, and chocolate sauce).

And, then - the crowning moment: La Duree. I never get sick of La Duree. It's always worth fording through the crowds of irritable middle-aged French women for their macarons. But I was too sick from all the other food to eat mine after purchasing them, so I saved them and ate them for breakfast this morning. Two best flavors: lemon and vanilla.

You'd think we stopped there - but we didn't. Then, we walked down to Porte Maillot and sat in a fancy schmancy brasserie complete with leather chairs and had cup after cup of cappucino. Delicious. At approximately dinner time, we ordered - more dessert. I had creme brulee for dinner, and Miss Andrea chose a lovely mille-feuille. So good. I couldn't finish mine, though.

Fast forward 12 hours: I was so sick I almost couldn't go to work this morning. I had such a terrible stomachache that I almost swore off food today.

But it was so worth it. Paris food can be so good if you know where to look (and awful if you don't!).

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