Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Weekend

After a pretty blue few days, I was really excited for the weekend to get here.

First, I met one of my very few French friends for coffee on Saturday morning. She helped me practice my French and I'm proud to report, I seem to be improving! Yay! Still awkward and slow, but that's what happens when you start learning a language at 23 years old. I understand almost everything now - it's only speaking that's tough ;)

Then, Saturday afternoon, Kerry came over and we watched Lady GaGa videos for hours on end. We've decided that we want to make our own GaGa outfits and go out on the town in them. I don't know what it is about that lady, but man, I love her. She's just so confident and cool.

Sunday afternoon, Stefi came into town. I hadn't seen her in ages - more than a month. Considering she's living just outside of Paris, it's a shame that we don't get to hang out more. We spent Sunday afternoon walking around Montmartre. She'd never been to Montmartre and she's been in France for 3 months now! The weather was beautiful, though. I got sunburned - first one of the year, mark it! Then, we had gelato. I looooove me some lemon gelato.

So, all in all, very relaxing. It really picked me up out of my bad mood and I feel so much better.

Now, if this volcanic ash cloud hovering over my head would dissipate, the world would be perfect again!

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